In the Name Of

In the name of religion, i can be un religious

In the name of free, i can be a thief

In the name of Safety, i can be a killer

In the name of leader, i can be player

In the name of truth, i can be a liar

In the name of democratic , i can be a dictator

In the name of love, i can be a cheater

In the name of help, i can be a free loader

In the name of anything i can be everything i want, it won’t matter coz its  been done on other’s name and it was said by a known writer Whats in the name. 

I think he forgot, everything is in the name, the liar, the killer, the free loader, the player, the dictator, the cheater, the thief, the misleader, the the the the everything. 

Its time lets take clear name and do what we wanna do or stop being a dual face to ourselves and other because when we become the DUAL GUY, everything becomes dual too. 



Why are all of sudden people are shouting Nepotism Nepotism Nepotism.

Nepotism is there every where and its a tradition being followed since ages by every family every where in the world, even kings used to do it. 

Nepotism isn’t just in bollywood, 

  • When your offer the seat to your son after getting retired is Nepotism. 
  • When you allow your friend or family members to stay ahead of you in line
  • When you push your friends to get the job due to your influence
  • When you give discount to your friend or acquaintance instead of the deserving one

    The things is just making because its being done by people who are rich and part of Bollywood, but its obvious that if my father was a director or actor or a rich businessman he would have given me his seat or would have given me full support in getting me launched as actor / director or in getting my new business up in the  market with good rating in the share market. 

    Its a common thing which is being practiced by everybody so its time to shut up and focus on the things which matters. 

    -Creative Mutant